Hey there, Dean here. I run SEO and content at AppSumo. Here, I write articles and share book notes on productivity, leadership, money, psychology, and more.

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I wouldn't recommend products I don't use and love. That said, I use them to run my website, organize notes, and much more.


This website is powered by Webflow. It's the website builder for designers and it comes with a powerful CMS (content management system) for content creators.

I migrate my site from WordPress to Webflow because it's prettier and easier to use. And it as everything (and more) I need to run a blog. Sign up to build your next website using Webflow.

Fathom Analytics

I don’t collect any of your personal data in the background — no Google Analytics, no Facebook Pixel, nada. So how do I measure my site performance?

Fathom is the answer. It’s a simple, light-weight, and privacy-focused analytic tool that allows me to play my part in building a privacy-friendly internet.

Care about online privacy? Try Fathom for 7 days and get a $10 off from you first invoice.

Amazon Audible

One of the hack to read more books (and faster) is to NOT read them, but listen to them. Amazon Audible is the best audiobook library on the market. Try Audible and get 2 audiobooks for free.


Obsidian is an all-in-one knowledge management tool. I use it for quick capture, daily review, book and article notes, contact management, and so much more.

Obsidian is free so I don't get anything when you download and use it. But it's so powerful that I have to get you to check it out.

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