Here are what my students and readers said about my programs and content. These reviews came from surveys, interviews, email responds, tweets, and more.

Workshops and training programs

As a CIO (once was) and now an information security consultant, my weak point has always been getting back on track when I lose focus and staying there as long as I need to — partly due to my non-friendly working environment. Dean has showed me how to set effective boundaries to eliminate distractions. And since then, my productivity increased greatly.

Luca Pisotti

Information security consultant

With the constant bombardment of information and never-ending distractions in today's environment, this is exactly what I need to organize and clarify my many goals and projects.

Gina Clemens

Business owner

This is exceptional in that Dean takes a unique approach compared to most productivity gurus that only adds more to my to-do list. After taking the program, I prioritize projects and tasks differently and get rid of things that aren't important. I'm also more aware of my energy levels and how that affects the day. It shows me how to avoid social media, stay on track, and most importantly, have fun in the process.

Joe Prior

Professional musician

Since I've started following just a few of the lessons in the program, it hasn't been any problem to reach my daily word count (as a writer). And I no longer feel exhausted — but refreshed and relaxed — after a work session.

Patty Mustang

Full-time writer

I have used a similar reviewing process often in my work, but Dean's teaching and tools made it seem very viable for my personal life as well.

Sharon Jackson

Articles and newsletters

Dean is a strong voice in the self-mastery space. His newsletter consistently delivers insightful ideas on how to become a better version of yourself and is the only newsletter that I always read.

Sebastian Kade

Head of product and engineering

I recently came across Dean's website and absolutely love it, from the minimalist design to the quality content!

Alexander Vikner

Trader and writer

Dean's newsletters shares a high-quality mixture of creative concepts, productivity techniques, in-depth insights, and motivational mindset booster to help freelancers and entrepreneurs be more successful at what they do.

Daniel Futerman

Motion graphic designer

Dean is a fantastic writer! And I really enjoyed reading his insightful articles that cover the plethora of human challenges.

Daniel Allevi

Social worker

A colleague recommended me Dean's blog, and from the first article on, I enjoyed his thinking (and writing) a lot!

Georg Primetshofer

Customer success manager

I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my productivity. Also, I'm generally interested in self-development. I have subscribed to Dean's newsletter for a couple of month already, and have suggested some of the articles to my friends. Thanks for writing valuable content and information that helps me grow. Also, the design of the site is very eye-friendly.

Maksym Bevza

Co-founder and CTO

Thanks Dean for sharing this type of content. I really like the way how he explains this kinda basic freelancer's combo.

Petr Hlubina

Freelance product designer

Dean's articles are concise, simple, and easy to act upon. I've read many blogs of different people but they never provide you with real information. They just keep going round the corner and tell you that they will reach the middle once you purchase their content. Dean is certainly not one of them!

Maitrey Patel

I always love Dean's write ups. They are not just motivation for me but also a superb guidance. Dean never think of stop writing these newsletters. Every week I just wait for the emails. They are the new directions for me and I already have gained a lot from them.

Neha Agrawal

Teacher and coach

Loved the newsletter and taken heaps of screenshots! They are all going into my gallery under "inspiration."

Genny Springham

I have been gaining much since I started reading Dean's articles. I try  to program my time to implement much of the plans and suggestions. I am also forwarding many of the articles to my friends.

Martin Kessy

Business owner

I don't a question, but I do have an option. The emails are great! Please keep up the good work.

Leonard Vaughan

I forward these emails to my entire team! They are great.

Nitin Balodi

It's a great article. I'm glad that I've already started these small habits and able to focus on them. But Dean's article motivates me to do more.

Deepti Srivastava

Dean's article on decision minimalism was great. It has helped me visualize my goals much better. I hope to get better by inculcating these changes in my daily routine.

Harsh Agrawal

What if the best way to accomplish more is by doing less?

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Dean is a strong voice in the self-mastery space. His newsletter consistently delivers insightful ideas on how to become a better version of yourself and is the only newsletter that I always read.

Sebastian Kade

Head of product and engineering