Dean's Notes (Feb 2021)

Monthly newsletter, income portfolio, the best vs good enough, and more

Happy Monday!

There are quite a few new things going on in this newsletter, so let’s dive straight into them one-by-one.

  1. Instead of a weekly newsletter, I’m now turning these emails into a monthly newsletter. This way I could share deeper thoughts, and more of what I’ve read and learned. The email will also be live on the website.
  2. I’ve published a new article on income portfolio. Tracking my investment portfolio helps me plan for my retirement and a net worth goal, but it’s less helpful in making daily decisions and hitting some short-term lifestyle goals. That’s where an income portfolio plays a role.
  3. I’ve hosting a new workshop, Build Your Personal OKRs in Notion this month. It’s a 2-week event that will helps you set audacious goals and follow through them. It’s open for registration now until Feb 19. I’ll be sending more info about the workshop in the next few days.

Now the remaining of the newsletter. It’s shorter than I intended because I have only a week to write this one instead of a month. Anyhow, let’s get right into it!

Recommended books

Here’s the section where I recommend a book or two for the month. They are usually the book I’m currently reading or have read in previous months.

The recommended book of this month is The Psychology of Money. Doing well with our finances isn’t just about what we know. It has a lot more do with how we behave. In the book, the author Morgan Housel shares 19 stories (and lessons) on creating wealth and happiness. I'll let you know once the book note is up!

Interesting fact: the book was initially a blog post.

Articles worth reading

You don’t always need the best, what you need is good enough. The article speaks to the maximizer in me. While I’m not buying into aiming small (because your standard = your outcome), I’m a big advocate of getting or having good enough is good enough and letting small wins compound themselves.

How to use Evernote for your creative workflow. In the article, Tiago Forte shares his research on how we should collect, process, and generate ideas. It’s insightful and useful even if you don’t use Evernote. It has a lot of good information but not many action steps. But I think it still worth taking the time to process and implement into my workflow in Notion and Obsidian.

Quotes you might need

Lucky people predict the future. Wise people anticipate it. Legends create it. — Shane Parrish
If you wonder when you should start, start now. If you wonder how you should start, start small. — Dean Yeong (from articles start now and start small)
2021 goal-setting challenge: Write down your habitual routine for a week, detail each day. Note the rituals that strengthen your mental & physical fitness. Keep them. Note the rituals that do the opposite. Ditch them. Commit to getting help if you can’t do this on your own. — Alan Aragon

More interesting finds

Here are some more good stuff I stumbled across in the previous month:

  • Sorted. A to-do list app with time-blocking feature. I’m been using it for two months now and loving it. The Mac app experience isn’t perfect, but the mobile app works well.
  • MKBHD’s 100th video. It shows how work compounds. He’s one of the biggest YouTuber star today but 100 videos in his early days got him around 70 subscribers.

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That’s it for this February edition!

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