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The Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online

Summary in 100 words or less


Launch provides many great success stories of business owners taking their venture to the next level, by using what the author Jeff Walker called the Product Launch Formula.

It’s obvious that the content in this book is set up in a way to promote his higher-level digital product online. But it still covers many great points that are extremely useful to anyone who is new to the internet business model. Besides, it also delivers tips and inspirations in the context of entrepreneurship.

My Highlights

The Product Launch Formula is useful in every type of market and niche you can think of even for tiny businesses.

The Product Launch Formula is a system to get your target market so engaged with your product or business that they almost beg you to sell it to them. And this all happens before you even release the product.

The growth of the internet since the late 1990s has changed the world in a fundamental way. The three areas of business with the biggest change are the speed of communication, the cost of communication, and the interactivity of businesses.

People find conversations a lot more interesting than monologues or lectures.

The primary sequences in PLF:

  1. Pre-prelaunch: you use it to start building anticipation among your most loyal fans and validate your products before you start creating it
  2. Prelaunch: this is the phrase where you release multiple pieces of high-quality content to educate your prospect
  3. Launch: this is the day you actually send your product or service out and start talking order
  4. Post-launch: This is the follow-up phrase after your launch to communicate with your buying customers and prospects who didn’t buy

Stories are powerful. They are how humans have passed down wisdom, knowledge, and culture for as long as we’ve been around.

We all like to think that we make rational, logical decisions. But the vast majority of our decisions and behaviors are based on emotion and mental programming – and then we use our precious logic to justify those decisions.

The email list is a list of people who have asked to subscribe to your emails. Of course, you have to give people a reason to subscribe. It might be to receive a newsletter or get daily updates or learn about daily special deals or find out about new content.

In the online world, your list is EVERYTHING.

When building your list, always send only the emails that people have asked to receive.

The reality is that spamming is a very quick way to put yourself out of business.

Remember that your email is landing in a very personal place – the inbox of your reader’s computer.

The first thing you need to do to build your list is getting clear on who your prospect is.

Build a squeeze page with a really strong opt-in offer in order to build up your list.

The secret to having a list is to just get started.

Instead of delivering the equivalent of a super-long monologue to say “buy this! buy this! buy this!”, turn the whole process into a conversation – a launch conversation.

The nice mental triggers to pull off a successful launch: Authority, Reciprocity, Trust, Anticipation, Likeability, Events and Ritual, Community, Scarcity, and Social Proof.

At the heart of every product and every offer, it offers some opportunity for change or some solution to a problem.

If you have a great product that’s going to make a big impact on your customers’ lives, then you owe it to them to make the best offer possible to get them to overcome their procrastination.

Launch your product using the lists other people have already built and curate using Joint Venture launch, also known as affiliate marketing.

No one can be an island; you need to build a strong relationship in your industry.

In our current world, nearly everyone needs to be in the information business to some degree. And adding an information component to a business – either as part of the selling process or as part of the product – will become a huge part of almost every successful business.

That “corporate voice” is death to sales; people want to buy from people.

In your business, you want to work on those things at which you’re great. Don’t spend your time on the stuff that’s difficult for you. Work on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Hire people to do the things that are not in your genius zone.

Your most scarce resource is focus. You should start the day by focusing on your highest-value activities before you get caught up in other people’s agendas for you.

Having great clients whom you love working with and serving is a fantastic shortcut to loving your life.

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