Welcome to Work Less 001

What is Work Less and what to expect

Hey there! Welcome to the first issue of Work Less. Did I tell you that the newsletter will also be a podcast? If you prefer listeningover reading, head over to Apple Podcast, Spotify, or any of your favorite podcast apps and listen away.

In this first issue, I will share a little bit about myself, why I started this newsletter and podcast, what this is all about, and what are some content you can expect in the future.

If you've been reading my newsletter in the past, please bear with me for a minute here.

My name is Dean Yeong. I am a 2x Quora Top Writer with work being featured in major publications such as HuffPost, Observer, Lifehack, and more. By day, I am a blog and SEO manager at AppSumo and on the side, I make this newsletter and podcast that explores topics like work, productivity, money, and self-improvement.

Asides from these work-oriented projects, I spend most of my energy reading, lifting weights, and hanging out with my wife and dog.

So why do I start this podcast? And why now? It dated back to 2017 when I first started my personal blog. The plan was to publish an article a week and send it to my subscribers. There was no goal and no expectation. But it grew quickly as I started writing on Quora.

Along the way, I joined AppSumo, connected with more internet friends, and learned a lot more about work and leadership. Meanwhile, I also got married and bought a house.

Looking back, I used to struggle with not having enough. Combining that with being single and free from many other life obligations, consuming and creating content around working more, harder, and faster makes sense to me. To me, that was the solution to finally have enough one day in the future. But now that I have more, the feeling of not-enough-ness hasn’t gone away.

While "having enough" is no longer my goal, it got me thinking a lot more about the concept of work and its relationships with other areas of our lives.

If working more is not the solution to many problems we face in our businesses, jobs, and lives, what about working less?

Working less isn’t about anti-work. It’s about creating the space and time to think, feel, and live more. By working less, we go from being busy without getting anywhere to making real progress. We're forced to work on what is meaningful to us and valuable to others. And most importantly, we have no choice but to direct all our energy to go deep and create the genius work that the world needs

Work Less is here to explore topics around work and find answers to the questions we all have in our personal and professional life. I will be sharing what I’ve learned in the past and along the way such as:

  • Mental models and mindsets for decision-making and goal-setting
  • Proven methods and strategies to manage your energy
  • Questions to help you see the big picture
  • Productivity tools and tips
  • And personal stories around the art of work and life

If you have ideas and questions that you think I should cover, feel free to reach out via Twitter or drop me a reply.

That’s it for today! If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet, do it now to get my weekly email. The newsletter will have an additional section of curated content and tools that I find useful.


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